About Therapy & Ancillaries

The Therapy Services Department of Wellington Orthopedic and Sports Medicine is the largest team of therapy experts in the Tri-State area.  Our comprehensive therapy places heavy emphasis on:

  • A “team approach”
  • Supervised, hands-on, care by a licensed rehab professional
  • Manual Therapy
  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Sports and Recreation specific Rehabilitation
  • Patient and family education

Team Concept

Wellington therapists are “in the building” and “down the hall” from your orthopedic physician.  This provides a great opportunity for a “team approach” between physician and therapist.  Therapists interact with your physician regularly to stay up-to-date on various orthopedic procedures.  The therapists and orthopedic surgeons work together to develop expectations and a standard of care for various procedures and conditions.
Wellington  physical therapists work closely with the Wellington athletic trainers that cover the many local high school sports teams.  This teamwork provides for a seamless transition for athletes from rehabilitation to return to sport.
Wellington therapists within each of our clinics collaborate regularly with one another, as a team of therapists, to provide you with the most comprehensive rehab programs.