Neck & Back

ABOUT Wellington’s non-operative spine specialists provide effective conservative care for a wide range of spine problems using a comprehensive, multidimensional approach. Your Wellington spine specialist will perform a thorough evaluation, discuss the nature of your condition and review the available … Continued


ABOUT The diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the hip has advanced significantly over the last decade. Most problems can be treated with non surgical methods such as Physical therapy, medications and selective injections. Arthroscopic procedures can be used to … Continued

Hand, Wrist, & Elbow

ABOUT When a problem takes place in the hand, wrist, forearm or elbow, special care must be given to all the different types of tissues that make function of the upper extremity possible. Conditions may arise from trauma, athletic injury, … Continued

Foot & Ankle

ABOUT Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons are subspecialists who care for  both routine and also complex problems involving the lower leg, foot and ankle.These physicians have extra training ( called a fellowship ) that allows them to diagnose and care for the … Continued