November Tip Of The Month:
Chocolate Milk For Activity Recovery

Endurance athletes, trainers and sports nutrition experts all know the importance of an athlete’s ‘After.’ Every athlete has his or her own post-workout or post-competition routine. Whether your routine includes stretching, listening to music or resting, muscle recovery and recovery nutrition after you push yourself to the max is crucial. What you eat or drink after any activity can make a dramatic difference in how you feel AND how you perform.

What can athletes grab straight out of the refrigerator that tastes great to help them recover? Chocolate Milk.

There is research on the benefits of both chocolate and white milk for athletes after activity, but chocolate milk has the added benefits of extra carbohydrates needed for recovery.

Why is chocolate milk good for us?

  • Protein in milk can help build muscle, decrease muscle breakdown and work with carbohydrates to restore muscle energy
  • The carbohydrates can help refill the energy lost in muscles
  • Electrolytes are replenished that have been lost in our sweat.  This includes sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • The fluid helps to rehydrate the body
  • Calcium and vitamin D help strengthen our bones and reduce stress failure
  • Vitamin B helps convert our food to energy
  • Milk also contains other essential nutrients not found in most sport drinks
  • Chocolate Milk is also great tasting