July Tip of the Month:
Healthy Golf Tips

Golf is a great sport, but if you are not prepared you can suffer from frequent and sometimes serious injury.  Players those who lack proper technique often suffer from acute or overuse injuries.


  • Acute (injuries that are usually the result of a single, traumatic episode) and overuse (injuries that are more subtle and usually occur over time) are the most common injuries found in golfers.
  • The lower back is the most commonly injured area; usually resulting from the tremendous torque that is placed on the back during the golf swing and poor mechanics.
  • Elbow injuries are the second leading cause of time off the golf course. Medial epicondylitis occurs when the golfer hits the ground before the ball and lateral epicondylitis happens when trying to over swing and over grip the club.


  • Probably the best prevention is making sure that you arrive at the course in enough time to do a proper warm-up. An adequate warm-up of 10 minutes has been shown to reduce the risk of injury by 50%.
  • A regular exercise routine that includes flexibility, strength training and core work is also very beneficial in preventing golf related injuries.
  • Avoiding overuse and poor swing mechanics can also greatly reduce the likelihood of injury. Taking a lesson from a pro will not only help your game but keep you on the course as well.


  • Each year there are many golf related injuries and even deaths that occur from lightning strikes.
  • Make sure you have an emergency action plan in place to take shelter in the clubhouse or a closed vehicle.
  • Do not stand in the fairway or under trees.