February Tip of the Month:
Core Strength

What is the the foundation for our bodies during athletic activity? It’s our core. The core muscles work in concert to provide support and stability to our body.

Most people think that your abdominals or stomach muscles make up the core, but in reality your abdominal muscles are only a small part of your core muscle group. Core muscles surround your center of gravity and there are a lot muscles in our trunk and hip that make up the core. The trunk muscles include the abdominals that help you to bend forward, back extensors that help you to bend backwards, lateral flexors that help you side bend to the right or left, rotators that help you rotate to the right and left. The hip muscles include the hip flexors that lift your leg forward, extensor muscles that lift the leg behind you, adductor muscles that pull your leg towards the midline of the body and abductor muscles that lift your leg away from your body. These muscles all work together to provide stability to your spine and hips. This stable base will allow for the transfer of energy to your arms and legs during activity.

A successful core exercise program should work on all the muscles that make up the core. Remember: these are endurance muscles so an exercise program with low resistance and long duration is preferred.