December Tip Of The Month:
Cold Weather Workouts

Just because the weather is getting colder and snow is on its way, that doesn’t mean you need to work out indoors. You can continue to enjoy outdoor workout sessions as long as you take proper steps to keep warm.

Getting your workout done outdoors can be a good cure for the winter blues, the key is to make sure you are dressed appropriately in layers.

First Layer:

  • For your base layer, avoid using cotton material because your body will generate heat and sweat even when it is cold outside. Sweating can cause the base layer to get wet and make it a very uncomfortable workout
  • Use a lightweight synthetic material that will wick sweat away from your body

Second Layer:

  • Your second layer should be something made out of fleece or wool to help provide insulation

Final Layer:

  • Your outermost  layer should be water repellent material (if outside moisture is a concern)

Gloves, Shoes, Etc.:

  • When you are outside in the cold your blood pulls away from your hands and feet to keep vital organs warm, be sure to always use a pair of gloves to provide protection for your hands
  • Working out in a pair of shoes about a half size too big will allow you to use thicker socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Breathing in the cold air can also be challenging for you as you are working out, use a scarf or hat with a face cover to help warm the air before you take a breath and also keep your head warm
  • Don’t forget to properly hydrate even in the cold weather, and if it’s below zero stay home by the fire