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November Tip Of The Month:
Chocolate Milk For Activity Recovery

Endurance athletes, trainers and sports nutrition experts all know the importance of an athlete’s ‘After.’ Every athlete has his or her own post-workout or post-competition routine. Whether your routine includes stretching, listening to music or resting, muscle recovery and recovery … Continued

October Tip Of The Month:
ACL Injuries

Knee injuries are common in sports. Sports Medicine Specialist can help identify weak muscles and assess athletes for proper form and technique in an effort to help prevent injuries. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a main stabilizer of the … Continued

June Tip of the Month: The Knee

As the weather continues to improve, outdoor exercise becomes more and more appealing. The impact that exercise has on our knees can be damaging, and nobody wants to spend the summer inside with an injury. So, how can you help … Continued

April Tip of the Month: Overhead Activity

Repeated movement of the arm during baseball, softball, and tennis can place significant stress on the shoulder.  Considering the length of the season and all the overhead motion it is easy to understand why the shoulder is at risk for … Continued

February Tip of the Month:
Core Strength

What is the the foundation for our bodies during athletic activity? It’s our core. The core muscles work in concert to provide support and stability to our body. Most people think that your abdominals or stomach muscles make up the … Continued

September Tip of the Month:
Proper Hydration

As we continue to participate in outdoor activities, it is important that we get the proper hydration we need to make sure our body has the right amount of fuel. Outdoor activity is a great way to stay active and … Continued

August Tip of the Month:
Heat Related Illness

Heat Related Illness  As we approach the dog days of summer remember that heat related injuries can seriously affect performance and in certain situations become life threatening. The body’s inability to dissipate heat becomes more prevalent in hot and humid … Continued

July Tip of the Month:
Healthy Golf Tips

Golf is a great sport, but if you are not prepared you can suffer from frequent and sometimes serious injury.  Players those who lack proper technique often suffer from acute or overuse injuries. INJURY TPYES Acute (injuries that are usually the result … Continued

June Tip of the Month:
Water Sports Safety

This summer, whether waterskiing or wake-boarding following these tips will help you avoid injury and enhance your summer experience. INJURY TYPES: Most injuries from waterskiing and wake-boarding are minor and include: Bruises Cuts Lacerations Sprains Strains Head and neck injuries … Continued